Thursday, March 21, (Fast of Esther)
Worldwide Live Broadcast
Starts at 4:30 pm (israel time)

The event is held in partnership with major
Jewish organizations in Israel and around the
world, and will be broadcasted

live at 4:30 pm Israel time

connecting Jewish communities worldwide.

Join the hostage families for
a special event of unity and prayer
at the Western Wall, hear their voices
and exclusive stories, concluding with the
greatest moment of prayer and solidarity,
with millions of Jews from around

the world reciting the Shema
together at 5:25 pm (israel time)

Leave Your Details and Stay Updated

to support materials, banners, and flyers in English.
Materials may be available in other languages as well.

We thank you for your participation and ask
you to spread the word among your contacts
and hopefully, the global Jewish Unity and
the Shema Yisrael prayer in one voice will be
heard for the quick release of the hostages
and their safe return home

Thank you,